Burn Calories at the Beach

I’m all for taking the occasional day to just relax and be lazy on the beach I mean, it’s called a day off for a reason. But with that said, if there’s a way to burn calories that won’t necessarily feel like a workout, then I’m all for that too.

There’s a very likely chance that I’ll be eating more hamburgers and hotdogs then I can count this Memorial Day, so it probably wouldn’t kill me to offset the binging with a few fun beach activities. So, here are five ways for you to burn a few extra calories in between working on your tan and sipping those cocktails today.

Beach Volleyball
Volleyball and other sand sports, like frisbee and badminton, are a great way to get in a workout while still having a good time with your friends. You’ll get a true full-body workout, without even knowing it, potentially burning up to 400 calories in a one-hour game.

Hit the waves 
You don’t have to embark on a strenuous ocean swim in order to burn calories. The simple act of being in the water, fighting the waves, is a great way to work your muscles. You can burn up to 400 calories in an hour of working against the ocean’s currents.

Go for a stroll 
Walking along the beach is probably my favorite wasy to kill an hour at the beach, and not just because I get to check out all of the hot lifeguards. Walking on sand, as appose to a hard, steady surface, takes more of an effort and works more muscles. You’ll easily burn at least 250 calories in a one-hour walk.

Go jet skiing 
Jet skiing and other water sports that don’t actually feel like sports are a great way to trick your body into exercising. You’ll be having too much fun to even realize you’ve burned up to 400 calories in an hour.

Bike to the beach 
Okay, so this isn’t exactly an on-the-beach activity but if you opt to bike to the beach, instead of driving from your beach house, you’ll be able to relax the rest of the day, knowing you already got your workout in.

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